If you feel overwhelmed when it comes to finding the right loan package for your business, you are not alone. Conventional banks cater primarily to well-established and profitable business. Some alternative lenders will help fund your project only if you meet their specific criteria. You must arrive already equipped with some combination of revenue, collateral, good personal credit and business credit history.

How Can You Find the Money You Need, at the Best Terms Without Knocking at Door After Door?

Our dedicated team and unique finance suite platform have all the tools you need in one convenient place. We
work with hundreds of legitimate lenders offering loan programs tailored to your business. Some of the options available include:

  • Low interest credit lines
  • Long term conventional bank loans
  • Terms Loans
  • Cash flow financing up to $500,000 with no collateral or personal credit requirments
  • Unsecured financing up to $150,000 (Startups welcome)
  • Asset based lending with rates less than 5%
  • Private money and alternative SBA loans of $1 million and higher

This established relationship with an arsenal of lenders gives you access to the full spectrum of financing options at the best terms possible. We can help you secure multiple types of funding through seperate individual sources to give your business the boost it needs to get to the next level. Our experienced team is there for you every step of the way. We negotiate lender rates and terms for you to ensure you get the best deal in the marketand use the volume of loans we close as additional leverage to bargain on your behalf. We work hand in hand with you and deal directly with lenders to get your loan approved and deposited quickly. You can recive funding in a little as 72 hours with rates even lower than 5% on certain funding options. Best of all, you are backed by an exeptional team of loan processors and Finance Officers who work tirelessly toward one common goal – Getting you the most money at the best terms.

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Business Financing

...even when banks say "no".

Personal Funding

  • You can get up to 120k or more in Personal credit. Great Program for start up Businesses (using O.P.M.) To be eligible you must meet these requirements below: 
  • Building Personal Credit Personal credit Program
  • Credit card utilization under 10%
  • 100% payment history
  • No Derogatory remarks
  • 5 years of credit history
  • 10 total accounts
  • 2 or less inquiries
  • Do you meet these requirements? If you don't no worries our credit repair team can get you these results

Business Funding

  • You can get five times your strongest personal credit card over two years old in business credit in 2 to 3 weeks. To be eligble you must meet the requirements below:
  • Building Business Credit 680 Business Credit Program
  • 680 and above and all 3 reports
  • 2 or more credit cards from major banks
  • cards must be 2 years old
  • $2500 limit minimum
  • Usage under 35%
  • No late in 24 months
  • No bankruptcies
  • No charge off
  • No collections
  • Do you or a co-signer meet the above?

Option Trading class

$ 499

Stock class for beginners

$ 249

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